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Teffecx Company: Technical Services

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Need social media? There is a gal for that. Need a website, someone knows a guy for that. Need computer help? Of course, there is a guy for that. Sooner or later, you will have more guys and gals than you can handle, when all you want (and need) is a single point of contact for your office tech needs. Teffecx Consulting is that single gal/guy.

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Computer Consulting

Who We Serve: Our primary client is a one to ten person professional office.

What We Sell: Our main product is annual maintenance service agreement plans to manage your website, computer network or digital operations (email, hosting, social media, support, training, etc.). We can perform time/billing services, but mainly seek longer term relationships.

How You Know You Need Us: (1). You can no longer manage your growing computer, website and office tech needs, and/or (2). The persons who did this for you walked out of the door!

Penny Wise/Pound Foolish is True for Technology, Too!

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