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Contest Marketing: Why We Are Different

We Run Our OWN Contests!

We began running Favorite Song Friday, our signature contest, back in the summer of 2010 on a social media platform. We have expanded that to it's own website platform. It's first iteration ran from 2015 to 2017. It ran concurrently on Facebook, were it still resides. Programming has been undertaken to re-migrate it back to its' web platform in 2022. With that option, we will be able to offer our clientele base a much more engaging experience, and we, as our own customer, and our partner clients, will be able to gather more information to customize and match experiences to our own marketing needs.

We Bring Our OWN Audiences!

One of the keys to our success was to develop our own audiences in an active way via advertising. We were able to pursue our audiences, their tastes and target in our demographics through word-of-mouth and paid advertising, which is much more reliable than organic search methods.

We Create and Award Our OWN Prizes!

We began offing prizes to our games on a suggestion of a prospective client. Our games took off from there, turning them into contests. While this has its downsides, we've become creative on creating some fantastic games, and prizes worth winning. We've also used them to connect with our audience. Our secret isn't so much giving a prize, but creating images in our audiences' minds an experience with that prize. It makes the contest play, and the prize, part of the game experience that keeps our audiences engaged!

We Excel in Creating Attractive Customer Experiences!

We started out on social media amongst friends. Then our experience, as well as our network, grew. I knew I had something when people would stop me on the street to tell me that they were going to play the next game, or what was the song for the day. Even when I thought play had waned, I found I had an audience that was quite content to watch the play from afar. Occasionally, someone would play a game or two for which I thought their interest had since passed.

"Because In A Poorly Run Contest, The Odds Are Always Against YOU!"

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